Besides the basic product information, you probably would like to know a few more things about As Good As Grass. Based on the reactions of our custoumers we have selected a few frequently asked questions.

You can find a lot of information through the answers on this page. Nevertheless, please do not hesitate to ask a question through the contact form on our website.



SG are working alongside US Turf Producers who have sold or installed over 3,000,000 square feet of synthetic turf in the last 5 years.

We have over 70 combined years of experience installing sythetic turf. We are the providers of sythetic turfs to some well recongnized PGA Professionals like Fuzzy Zoeller, John Daly, and D.A. Wiebring.

We have professional designers on staff who are always ready to design custom green and oversee its entire installation, ensuring that the best materials and proper techniques are used. We can design your project imitating the characteristics of famous golf greens from around the world.

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Which Truf?

After answering two simple questions you will know which type is best for you.

1. Will you be hitting longer shots into your green - over 30 yards? (answer:Polypropylene Putting Greens)
2. Is your green going to be mostly for putting and chipping? (answer:Nylon Putting Greens)

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Nylon Truf?

Nylon turf can be installed on both aggregate base and concrete base. Nylon putting surface has memory burned into it and therefore the fibers stand up by themselves. Since these fibers stand independently you only need to add a small amount of our exclusive ceramic top dressing. To support the base of the fibers and to add weight to your putting green.

Speed is key to get the correct feel - Top teachers in the world, say you should practice on a facility that is slightly faster than the course you play regularly. This helps you to purify your putting stroke and helps you make more putts. The Nylon rolls at 10- 11 on the stimp meter on the roll out which means when you open the roll of turf and have not done anything to it you will have a 10-11 on the stimp meter. Most natural golf course greens average around 9 - 10 on the stimp meter. Our putting surface is designed to match those averages.

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Polyproplene Truf?

This material can be installed on aggregate or on concrete. The material used for these greens is called polypropylene,just another word for plastic. The fibers do not have memory built into them and can not stand up by themselves. To get these fibers to stand upright you have to add between 7-12 pounds of fine silica sand to keep them in position. As you can appreciate, this amount of sand will blow, wash or shift and sand filled greens do require some maintenance.

The following maintenance will be needed for deep sand filled polypropylene greens:

You will need to broom the green vigorously 2 -3 times a month to stop the infill sand from clogging up and causing the green to turn hard and bouncy.

If you live in a rainy, dry or windy area you will need to re-sand your green with an eighth of an inch of sand, 3-4 times a year.

This material needs a 'wear in' period as the fibers have been lying down and will, after installation, still have some 'grain' to it. If you live in the Sunbelt States where most courses have Bermuda greens, this will not be a problem for you, as Bermuda greens normally do have grain. You will need to roll your green with a heavy roller, often, to keep the fibers from 'standing up and forming grain".

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We can perform detailed landscaping, from paving to water features. We can also install a pvc border to define your green and stop any growth from crawling underneath.

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Left to right, right to left, uphill, down hill, dead straight - just inform us before hand and we will incorporate it into your green.

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If you have room this has to be a must have. Reduce your handicap at an unbelievable rate. You will no longer be thinking about getting it close but holing it!!

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Pitching Stations?

Provided free with all green builds. Just tell us where you want it.

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A fringe perimeter finishes off the green. It creates a course feel and allowes you to practice simple short range chips. We have a variety of fringes cut at different lengths. Feel free to call and request samples.

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We offer a ten year limited warranty against excessive fading, ultra violet exposure and excessive wear. We also offer a limited warranty which covers workmanship and material defects.

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Why Choose SG?

As the founder i pride the company on delivering beyond the customers expectations. As a golfer i recognize the requirements of artificial surfaces having to match those of a real course. As a mid handicapper I understand the need to produce a practice facility to reduce scores and improve my game. Every install is unique and requires personal attention - you will receive nothing but the best care and attention from SG in building your practice facility.

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