Testing is a time consuming job but something we take extremely seriously.

True Roll
The ball must roll end over end and as the speed decreases the ball should stay on a true line as opposed to meander from side to side. On certain surfaces the ball may skip off the club head because it is fighting against the grain of the carpet, when this happens the ball is knocked off its intended path resulting in a bad putt. The ball should glide through the fibres as opposed to ride over them causing a bumpy roll.

Reaction - Pitching
We look for a consistant reaction not one that alters depending on the direction of the grain. We prefer multi directional carpets to ensure the same reaction whether pitching down or up green. Certain clients like there green to react like bemuda grass which is grainy so the ball checks up when pitched into the grain and runs on when pitched down grain.

Reaction - Long shots
On target greens which hold ball from 150 yards we are looking for a consistence bounce and release in terms of height and movement (spin). Target greens are sand filled so we can alter the amount of sand to suit the clients preference.

Durability The surface must last well beyond the warranty period so we stand the surfaces up to durability test - frost, rain, wind e.t.c.

Artificial grass for golf and synthetic putting greens